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Ten Things To Never Say To A Writer


From Chuck Wendig’s blog: a hilarious and oh-so-true list of what to NEVER say to a writer.

My favorites:

“You Know, I Wanna Write A Book Someday.”

"Gosh, I wish I had time to write."

"Hey! You can write my idea."

"You should write my life story."

Are you a writer? Read his post to see the appropriate response (click on the title of this post & it will magically take you there).

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"nah we can’t have female leads or characters of colour or gay characters or else our show will bomb"



The shit was bomb as-f too.

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When asked whether he has gotten any offers to venture into Hollywood during his 20-year career, Jung Woo Sung replied, “Going abroad should not be an actor’s ultimate goal.”

He added, “Of course, filming foreign projects is up to the individual, and they will have a reason for doing so.” Then he frankly stated, “Hollywood is a white-dominated industry, so unfortunately the main character has to be white. But I want to be a main character.”

He further explained, “I’m not sure why Asian actors must make it their goal to enter Hollywood, if it means that they will end up playing villains and supporting characters.”

south korean actor, jung woo sung, speaking frankly about casting and job opportunities in hollywood. (x)


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"The way you’re whining right now makes me think I’m your mother. Show up tomorrow or leave my class, Ms. Pratt."

-Annalise Keating having zero time for any foolishness


"Day one and you’re unprepared?"

-Everyone’s worst classroom nightmare 





Collegehumors’ new video is on point as always

It’s even funnier when you see the White Tears in the comment section saying EXACTLY what the actors say in the video.

oh my god

bruh. i dont understand this phenomenon.

like everytime something discussing racism or sexism is posted, you ALWAYS have people coming to prove why the video/post exists in the first place

like you are literally proving the makers of this content right? do u realize that?

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White supremacy is the great silence of our world, and in it is embedded much of what ails us as a planet. The silence around white supremacy is like the silence around Sauron in The Lord of the Rings or the Voldemort name, which must never be uttered in the Harry Potter novels. And yet here’s the rub: If a critique of white supremacy doesn’t first flow through you, doesn’t first implicate you, then you have missed the mark; you have, in fact, almost guaranteed its survival and reproduction. There’s that old saying: The devil’s greatest trick is that he convinced people that he doesn’t exist. Well, white supremacy’s greatest trick is that it has convinced people that, if it exists at all, it exists always in other people, never in us.

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